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The Wizard of Oz Xtranormal is an Xtranormal project created by Handsomepuppy32. He decided to make The Wizard of Oz for Xtranormal for his friend's birthday, Prettykitty32. He has finished making The Wizard of Oz on Xtranormal and posted them to Youtube.
The Wizard of Oz Xtranormal

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June 5 2012






  • Ruby - Dorothy, Girl Munchkins
  • Peter - Professor Marvel, The Wizard (Good), Voice of the Wizard (Bad)
  • Thomas Jefferson - The Doorman
  • Isaac Newton - Cabbie
  • Napoleon Bonaparte - The Guard
  • Playgoz Idaho Bones - Hunk
  • Roscoe - Hickory
  • George W. Bush - Zeke
  • Hobo - The Scarecrow
  • Snowman - The Tin Man
  • Santa Claus - The Cowardly Lion
  • Debra - Glinda the Good Witch of the North
  • Billie - Miss Almira Gulch
  • Queen Elizabeth II - The Wicked Witch of the West
  • Doctor Bones - Uncle Henry
  • Sarah Palin - Auntie Em
  • Halfpound - Boy Munchkins, Flying Monkeys
  • Doctor and Nurse - People at the Emerald City
  • Ninja - Winkies
  • Wendell and Lisa - Voices of the Apple Trees

Part ChaptersEdit

  1. Dorothy's Dilemma
  2. Over the Rainbow
  3. Miss Gulch
  4. Toto Escapes
  5. Dorothy Runs Away
  6. Crystal-Gazing
  7. "It's a Twister!"
  8. Inside the Cyclone
  9. Not in Kansas Anymore
  10. "Come out, come out"
  11. It Really Was No Miracle
  12. Ding! Dong! The Witch is Dead!
  13. The Lullaby League
  14. The Lollipop Guild
  15. "Who Killed My Sister?"
  16. "What a Smell of Sulfur!"
  17. Follow the Yellow Brick Road
  18. You're Off to See the Wizard
  19. Dorothy Meets the Scarecrow
  20. If I Only Had a Brain
  21. We're Off to See the Wizard
  22. "Apples!"
  23. A man made out of tin!
  24. If I Only Had a Heart
  25. "Wanna play Ball?"
  26. "To Oz? To Oz!"
  27. "Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh, my!"
  28. Meeting the Cowardly Lion
  29. If I Only Had the Nerve
  30. We're Off to See the Wizard
  31. "Poppies will put them to sleep!"
  32. Optimistic Voices
  33. The Emerald City
  34. The Merry Old Land of Oz
  35. Surrender Dorothy!
  36. If I Were King of the Forest
  37. Meeting the Wizard of Oz
  38. The Haunted Forest
  39. Attack of the winged monkeys
  40. Dorothy in Captivity
  41. Toto's escape
  42. March of the Winkies
  43. The rescue
  44. "Seize them!"
  45. "I'm melting!"
  46. "The wicked witch is dead!"
  47. The Wizard revealed
  48. Heroic rewards
  49. The Wizard's balloon
  50. Glinda returns
  51. Dorothy's farewell
  52. "There's no place like home!"


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Dorothy and her Auntie Em and Uncle Henry.

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Dorothy and The Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion.

Mqdefault (10)

Glinda and the Munchkins.

Mqdefault (11)

The Wicked Witch Of The West and the Flying Monkeys.

Mqdefault (13)

Dorothy, Auntie Em, and the Farmhands.

Mqdefault (12)

The Winkies.


Here is a link to the videos: Enjoy!

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