Xtranormal's "State" is a downloadable software where you can make movies on. You can put 6 actors on the scene (you have to pay points for the feature). Once you launch "State" you have to log in to your Xtranormal account. When your done with that, once you download it the first time it was released you have 1 bundle (showpak) to choose from and that was the "Playgoz" showpak it had 2 free sets and 4 free actors. You could get more showpaks and stuff in the marketplace."State" had features not in the website as well, like walking and more gestures. State had already mad version 1 and 2 and now version 3 which is another downloadable software called "Xtranormal Desktop" where you can put up to 12 actors from any collection with a much more neater marketplace.