Is your IBM Mainframe Disaster Recovery plan current? If the DR plan does not stay current with hardware and software changes, business may expose itself to data loss and application failure. Don't wait until you have a real disaster to find out you are missing a critical backup. Streamfoundry ( will assess your current environment, interview stakeholders and make recommendations as to how one can mitigate risk and protect your mission critical data.

During a typical two week engagement, we will review:

Hardware for comparison, mainframe recovery plan procedures, system and application recovery procedures, compatibility of recovery environment, application backup processes, other client DR concerns

Streamfoundry (SFI) will provide the results of this study along with recommendations at the completion of the review. SFI can also assist with the implementation of the updates to your recovery plan to resolve any outstanding issues. Please email us at or call us 866.615.0040. Let us know how we can add value. Your support and interest is appreciated.


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